How to Fix Windows 10 Error Code 0x80004002?

There are many different issues that can contribute to Error Code 0x80004002.

Most common causes include:

– Errors in registry files
– Missing system files that have accidentally been associated with other programs and deleted
– Viruses or malware that cause corruption in program or system files
– Installations that have failed to complete fully

Common symptoms include:

– Problems running programs that once worked
– Slow response time of your computer to commands entered with the keyboard or mouse
– Trouble shutting down or starting up your machine
– Error message regarding your registry, updates, or response time.


Method One: Run Your Windows Registry Cleaner

There are many different registry cleaning tools on the Internet, but not all are provided by reliable sources. Instead of relying on a file from an unknown publisher, you can use the registry cleanup program included in your Windows software package.

Run this tool to complete a scan of your files, discovering which ones may need to be repaired. In most cases, the registry cleaner can repair the necessary files and resolve the error. It is always a good idea to restart your computer after running the registry cleanup tool to make sure that your machine can accurately evaluate the newly repaired files.

Method Two: Update Your Drivers and Software

In some cases, the error code 0x80004002 arises when the drivers are outdated. If you think that this is the case, you can check the status of your various controllers by entering the configuration of your operating system and selecting the option “Update drivers”. You can also check if your system has the necessary updates for your Windows software, which can be used to correct the error code.

After you have checked and installed the necessary drivers, be sure to restart your computer to fully apply the changes that the installation process has introduced.Error Code 0x80004002

Method Three: Reinstall Your Windows Software

In some cases, the best way to address the missing or corrupt files that can cause Error Code 0x80004002 is to simply reinstall your copy of Windows. Always make sure to back up your files before reinstalling your software.

Method Four: Run Your Virus Scan Software

Because Error Code 0x80004002 can also be caused by malware or a virus, you can run your virus scan software to detect and resolve the problem. After doing so, run the registry repair tool to fix any affected files and restart your computer.

Method Five: Use an Automated Tool

If the four methods will not fix error 0x80004002, then you might want to consider downloading and installing a powerful automated tool called Total System Care.


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