Fix: Windows 10 couldn’t be installed

Windows 10 Couldn’t be Installed, to install window 10 you have to download PC repair tool with patented technologies and then click start scan and then click repair all to upgrade to fix all issues of window 10. You can also remove all the errors of your computer like malware, hardware failure and file loss and your PC performance and speed.Registry Editor | Windows 10 Couldn't be Installed

Press windows key+R to enter regedit now click OK, now go to hkey_local, machine key. Now double click on the portable operating system, change the value data. Close registry editor, restart your PC. Press windows+s keys. Select windows firewall on. Select public and private setting of network, now click OK to save. Press windows keys +x open power user menu, open power user menu. Choose command promote, enter net stop wuauserv and net start wuauserv. Create a new administrator account. Open settings go to accounts. Click family &other user now click on add someone else to this PC. Now click on add a user, enter the user name.

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Download the version of window 10
  • Run Window 10 update troubleshooter
  • Enter troubleshooting (press windows key +s)
  • Select Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting window will open choose view all
  • Select Windows Update
  • To start wizard click Next
  • Use media creation tool to install windows 10
  • USB flash drive should be empty
  • Create a bootable installation media
  • Now start the installation from USB flash drive
  • Change values in your registry
  • Create a backup of registry
  • Turn off your antivirus and firewall
  • Please restart windows update service
  • Check your registry configuration
  • Then uninstall my rapport banking software
  • Create a administrator account
  • Now rename the temp folder

Causes of this error

  • Changing of registry value
  • Using a faulty hardware
  • Malware and virus problem
  • Back up of your registry is wrong
  • Value data is wrong, change the value data from 1 to 0.
  • Antivirus of the third party
  • Due to the temp folder

Solution of windows 10 installed in reserved partition

  • Please change the size, increase the size of reserve the partition
  • Download and use tool  such as partition magic
  • Create a bootable USB flash drive, connect USB drive
  • Boot your PC
  • Use partition magic, please shrink your partition magic by 350 MB
  • Set your PC partition as active
  • Choose disk management
  • Choose mark partition as active
  • Use command promote and disk management
  • Change drive letter and path
  • Click view tab check hidden items
  • Delete all the folders from boot folder.
  • Run the chkdsk

Press windows keys +x. Open disk management. Click right on c partition. Close disk management and install windows 10. Start disk management see a data partition should be in the size of 100 MB. Click right n partition Click the add button and now set y. Start command promote. Now open file explorer to open y. you can see the hidden file and hidden folders.

Solution of windows 10 installed 80200056

  • Use BITS service
  • Start command prompt
  • Restart your computer

Fix – Windows 10 couldn’t be installed 8007003

Solution of windows 10 installed 8007003

  • Merge all the partition
  • Remove double boot
  • Now check wimmount path

Solution of Windows 10 80200056, 80072ee2 Error

  • To remove this error download this tool to solve the problem such as file lose, hardware failure and malware.

Solution of Windows 10 Couldn’t be Installed C1900101-40017

  • Update your driver
  • Update your card driver
  • Install the latest AMD driver

In this way you can remove the error, always use the latest software of window 10 and please update time to time. Remain alert if there is any virus.

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