All of us know to use a computer. To use a computer is not a big deal. The way how you are using computer. How smart and comfortable with computer. On one hand to use computer smartly and on the other hand how smartly you can remove the errors which are usually occurs on the screen IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD in Windows 10.

Solution of error IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSOD in Windows 10

This error is in the form of ntoskrnl.exe is caused by realtek hidefination audio drivers.

  • Over clocking of the computer. This error is caused by disable over clocking.
  • CPU is over whelmed or over heated. To reduce over heating please disable overclocking.
  • Check all apps and programs. Quickly disable them if they are the cause
  • Use a cooling pad and cooling software
  • Update the RAM of your system and if the error comes after upgrading the RAM. Check the compatible of the RAM with your device. Install the RAM properly.
  • Install the latest windows updates. Uninstall the recent updates if the error occurs.
  • IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and memory management error comes after one another. If the first error occurs on the screen then suddenly the second error also occurs on the screen. The error comes after rebooting. To fix memory management errors on window 10 there are very simple steps. To remove the error please go to advanced option.

Update your BIOS

  • Update the latest drivers peripherals and components
  • Check which is the latest driver for each driver
  • Search the event viewer. This will give you the information of the error. Open event viewer. Type event viewer and select the utility. Search the logs for error, each log has time a timestamp to help you to know which device is the cause of issue.
  • Start your computer in safe mode. Hold the shift key. Click the power button. Select the restart button. Select troubleshoot. Then advanced option. Go to start up Now click restart. Wait till windows reboots. Select safe mode.
  • Check your computer memory and hardware. If the problem is not related to the software that you have install on your computer then you need to check your computer at hardware level. Sometimes the error occurs when it tries to asses a memory location but it has no permission.

Check the RAM of your device.

  • Please download remageplus
  • Click start scan
  • Click repair all to get rid of the issue
  • To use the utility. Open the search charm. Type memory diagnostic, now the memory diagnostic window will appear in front of you. You will see two option. Select one of them. Use first option to restart your computer immediately, now scan the RAM.
  • Update and replace your RAM of your computer.
  • Disable memory catching feature
  • Operating in Bios is very harmful and dangerous
  • Check the hardware
  • Unplug all the connected and non-essential device from your computer(expect your mouse and computer)
  • Disable the drivers
  • Check all the drivers, after rebooting
  • Do not plug more than one device in a time
  • Now plug it in and use your computer and the device.
  • Refresh and restore your computer and resets all the settings to default values. Your personal will not be affected.
  • Now run your computer
  • The use of outdated driver will damage your computer permanently
  • Use driver updater
  • Use system restore
  • Repair the registry
  • Remove corrupted files
  • Use sfc/scannow command
  • Check your disc
  • Use chkdsk command
  • Check any malware running on your computer
  • Check the virus
  • Use a clean windows install
  • Install disk or USB drive

Make your computer error free by these shortest and easiest steps. Keep in the mind that your computers should be updated and virus free and clean your system junk.

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