HP Laptop Blue Screen Windows 10?

HP Laptop Blue Screen Windows 10, Today computer is used in our daily life. Human beings get tired while working whole day in this way sometimes our computer also gets tired while working continuously for many days. So there is nothing to worry about the error just clean the window.

If there is error on your screen you will see some symptoms .When the error comes your computers stops responding and the code appears on your screen. You have to press and hold the power key for 15 or more than 15 seconds to turn off the computer. There are many different for the blue screen which occurs on your HP laptop.  Blue screen comes randomly in the screen.

Causes of HP laptop blue screen windows 10

There are many reasons of the errors on your computer.

  • If the error occurs you get the message of error to begin with OS
  • Outdated hard driver
  • A blue screen error occurs on your screen when your computer has outdated BIOS

 Solution for HP laptop blue screen windows 10

  • You have to perform a hard reset
  • To view error disable automatic restart
  • Use HP pc hardware diagnostics to check the error
  • Use HP support assistance to install updates
  • Please Install windows updates
  • Use an HP system recovery
  • Use the system restore
  • Undo the recent change
  • HP blue screen error is caused if there is a problem in the hardware component such as hard drive or memory
  • Download the latest version of the diagnostics
  • Remove all USB devices
  • Remove all media cards
  • Remove the battery and AC power adapter now again reconnect the AC adapterWindows 10 Advanced Options

Please update your computer use HP support assistance. Please connect the internet and the window will open, now search for and open HP support assistance. 1 and then Click updates, now Check the updates. Now select the updates which you want to Install now Click on download and install selected updates. You can back up all your personal data then use an HP system recovery on your computer. USE a hard reset on a notebook computer and a desktop computer.

Always install the latest version and clean your HP laptop. And please check if there is any fluctuation in your power supply.

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