How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 10?

Window 10 blue screen error is a very common stop error. Blue screen error is the most famous death screen error. Blue screen error comes randomly on the screen. If the error occurs you will see the blue background on your screen. If you have bad driver, incompatible software and hardware.

Cause of blue screen error window 10

These are the following reason for blue screen error.

  • Faulty hardware drive and firmware
  • Faulty window
  • Data is corrupted
  • If there is not enough space in your system
  • Your computer is caught with some antivirus or malware
  • Due to the overheating of your computer
  • Please check the dust clogging on the fans of your computer and clean computer regularly

Solution of the blue screen error window 10

  • Restart your computer
  • Always use the latest version
  • Update the Faulty windows
  • Use safe mode in trouble shooting the windows
  • Please check the virus
  • Use system restore in windows
  • Remove the faulty window
  • Use clean installation
  • Use a bootable USB or optical disk
  • Remove external hardware such as printer, USB storage drivers and games pad
  • Install the latest drivers
  • Check your memory
  • Use start repair tool, remove the CDs, DVDs from your system
  • Run chkdsk
  • Connect all the hard disks cables properly
  • Undo the resent changesWindows 10 Advanced System Setting

To repair blue screen error you to click right on your computer. Then please go to properties. Go to the left hand and click Advanced System Settings, now click settings then the new window will open and click Automatic restart. And to save click OK and Continue. To update the faulty hardware, go to settings, update and recovery then windows update, now update history, and now at last uninstall updates.Windows 10 Advanced System Properties

The main thing is that clean your system regularly. Always use updated window, remove all unnecessary things from your computer. And use clean Installation and make your computer free from virus.

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