Fix Blue Screen Error 0XC0000001 Windows 10

There are many causes for getting this error. If your system file is corrupted or your memory is damaged the error occurs. If your system file SAM (security account manager) is missing or damaged the error occurs. Please update your pc.

0XC0000001 Blue Screen Error

If our window fail to start

  • Please insert window installation disc and restart your computer.
  • Choose Language.
  • Click “Next“.
  • Click Repair your Computer

Windows Recovery Environment

  • Use Recovery tool on Installation MEDIA (like disc or USB devices).
  • Press Enter.
  • Press F8 for Boot option

After loading the window you may also see the error.

When the device attached to the system is not functioning the error occurs.

  • Please Click ‘OK‘ to Shut down your computer.
  • Please “Reboot” in “SAFE MODE“.

To get rid of the error 0XC0000001 WINDOWS 10 use powerful automated tool. If your copy of window 10 is corrupted so create a new copy window 10 installers. To perform automatic repair use media creation tool. Please wipe the drive and then convert into GPT. To remove an error download pc repair tool with patent technology. Repair your pc. From the repair folder please copy the SAM file. Use DISM to make your computer free from error.


  • Systems file are damaged
  • SAM file is damaged
  • RAM is damaged

There is a wide variety of causes from which the error occurs. The error 0XC0000001-WNDOWS 10 occurs if you have made a recent change in hardware and software. So please restart your computer. Easy RE automatically correct the errors with boot sector, bootloader, file system, registry, disk and partition. Run chkdsk is used to fix the file system error. The error is caused if your hard disc is damaged.

By following these simple steps we can easily and quickly remove this error. Use the latest version. Please check the virus from time to time. Remove all corrupted files from your system.

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