Fix 0x7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Error Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update

Errors are the part of life. Making errors in life is in the nature of a man. To make an error and to solve an error is part of human life. Daily a man makes and solve the error. So don’t be afraid of errors just solve it without taking any stress. The best technology of the human being is computer. We are habitual of computer. Our day to day life depends upon computer, In these days we are facing Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update, Here are the solution below.

It is up to you how to use computer smartly and to make your computer error free. So don’t be afraid of errors, only you have to find the reason of an error why it has occur and after knowing the reason you can solve it very easily in a second. You can face many issues while operating your system. Please check your computer if there is any type of virus on your computer. Please check your floppy discs if you find any virus. There can be a boot sector virus on your computer.

Solution of Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update

IF YOU FIND ANY VIRUS on your computer and the virus detection cannot remove the virus. If the program cannot remove the virus and could not repair your computer you have to re partition and you have to format your hard disc. Verify all the hardware issues. If you find issue during installation of windows or after reinstalling the window confirm that it is not the issues of hard drive. When your device driver for hard drive is not loading.

Please set up SCSI and RAID on hard disc drivers. Please load the third party drivers and when set upstarts press F6. Enter into safe mode click settings, use update and security, select recovery then advanced startup, choose troubleshoot then go to advanced option then start up settings click restart and after restarting the window, select option 4,5,6 to boot into safe mode.

Restart your computer to detect the proper storage. Please click the right on the drive then select properties, click tools, click check now. There should be enough space on our hard disc. To create swap files you should have enough space. To solve the error 0x7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Blue Screen you have to follow these steps

  • Re install the windows
  • Please update bios and firmware
  • To create a bootable USB thumb drive or DVD use media creation
  • Use boot keys (F12, F9,F8,F10,ESC)
  • Please boot in safe mode
  • Run a virus detection program
  • Check IDE devices
  • Check the system log in event viewer
  • To repair corrupted and missing files use system file checker
  • Use system restore
  • To repair system files run sfc/scannow
  • Please check and repair files
  • Please change SATA mode values in registry
  • Check your BIOS settings
  • Undo the recent changes

Cause of Error Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update

There are many causes of getting an error 0x7B INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE Blue Screen after Windows 10 Update on your computer. If you have installed any new hardware or disc then please remove it to verify the issue and please disconnect any USB devices from your computer. If you have bad hardware, bad mother board, bad cable you cannot install or boot into windows.

Please replace your hard drive in your computer. If your hardware disc is incompatible the error occurs. The BSOD problem occurs after refreshing or reinstalling or after updating the window. The problem occurs due to the corrupted file system or if the hardware disc is damaged or if your BIOS setting are invalid. You can see the error if after upgrading the window 7 to window 10.

  • Verify your boot sequence in COMS set up
  • Please run chkdsk/f
  • Please check fix boot
  • Bad hardware

If you are getting error again and again that means your hard disc is broken. Change your SATA cable or you can fully format your drive. If your HDD and SDD   have some fault.

The main thing you should be always remain alert and check the virus, need of updating the window. Always use a clean window. Always clean your system junk.

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